The end of days

A man is looking
At the end of days
The creature that comes
From heaven we praise
Oh Lord we worship
High above the sky
A little we know
And it’s all a lie

A seven headed creature
A unicorn like horn
Just have four feet
All covered with thorn
The wheels are turning
Opening to its lair
Not a single soul burning
Covering all with fire

It stood up and walked
With a trail of slime
The man was colorblind
Alienating his mind
A creature from the myths
Fire blowing from its arse
Red eyes and red skin
Glowing like mars

Hears a sound from above
Louder than thunder
A language already dead
A magnificent blunder
People started to gather
Whispering its name
Fire started to grow
Now who to blame

Seven heads are moving
Increasing trumpets voice
Earth’s crust crumbles
With a deafening noise
Large creatures crept out
From the crumbled crust
Wind started to blow
As everything turned to dust

Rusiru Boteju



මට බෑනෙ simple ඒව අඳින්න
අරයගෙ සාරිය 30,000
මම අඳින්න ඕන 50,000ක වත්
අරහෙ දවල් පාටියට
කෑම Galadhari එකෙන්
අපි ගේමු Gall Face එකෙන්
රෑට බොන්නෙ whiskey
Red label හරිනැහැ
අපි ගේමු Green හරි Blue හරි
පාටියෙ වැඩ හරි!
පල්ලි යන්න ඕනද?
ආහ්! මස් ගේන්න බැරිවුනානෙ
ඌරව මැරුවද දන්නෙ නැහැ
හරක් මසුත් ගේන්නම්
ස්ටූ එක හොඳයි බයිට් එකට
ගවලෙන නත්තල් ගහ සැරසුවාද?
තාම බිම polish කරල ඉවරත් නැහැ
එකොලහයි තිහයි
පල්ලි යමුද?
ඉක්මනට ලෑස්ති වෙන්න
දොළහයි කාලයි
යාන්තමි පල්ලි ආව
අන්තිම ආශිර්වාදෙට හිට්යැහැකි
කැරොල් දෙක තුනකුත් කියනවලු
දොළහයි තිහ වෙද්දි පූජාව ඉවරයි
මම කට්ටියට wish කරල එන්නමි

Wish you a merry Christmas!!

රුසිරු බොතේජු

My Suicide

Losing all my faith
Everything seems far away
Not a single drop of faith
To take my heart away….
Where, can I look up to?
When all are falling down!
I’m just staring at you
When nothing is alive….
Rising thought of depression
Runs through my veins
Why my heart keeps pumping
All this blood in vain….
Saw the sun it’s sinking
Leaving darkness instead
Stars are there for comfort
Nothing can change the faith….
Becoming harder to breath
The air is suddenly thick
Chest is tightly clamped
My heart is pounding in pain….
Mind is a complete whirlwind
My eyes can’t fix on one
I’m sinking into the darkness
Where unknown does survive….

Rusiru Boteju


ඔබ පැවසූ මග යන්නට සමිඳේ
දිරිදෙනු සවි දෙනු මගෙ සුර රජිඳේ
කල්වාරිය කඳු මුදුනත මැද්දේ
කුරුසියෙ දුක් විඳ සිටිනා සමිඳේ

ලෝදන තුරුලට ගෙන දෙවිඳේ
ඔබ සිටිනා හැටි කඳුලින් සිහිවේ
වරදකි මා කළ ඒ මම සමිඳේ
හැම කස පහරම මා නිස වැදුනේ

මට කමාව දුන මැන සුර රජිඳේ
මගෙ දහදිය ලේ බිඳු වන මොහොතේ
ඔබ හැර මට කිසිවෙකු නැත ලෝකේ
දෙවි පුතණුව ගැලවුම ඔබ මාගේ

රුසිරු බොතේජු

What I want for Christmas

All the memories passes by
Leaving no space to say good bye
To see a smile without a sigh
Waiting for a moment be alive

Is there a way to preserve a moment
To say in a sad voice that i knew it
Not to feel depressed from that moment
And to look ahead to live in the moment

Used to long walks with a joy in mind
Comfort of breeze which felt so kind
When i see them now pondered a while
Neither joy nor comfort in my mind

Wrapped in wilderness and deserted thoughts
Trapped in my mind with endless hopes
Want to break out the bars of cold
To feel the warmth of hope

Christmas is here its the dawn of winter
Jingling bells makes the sound of wonder
Was lost with life and glimpse of hope
What i want for Christmas is a place called home

Rusiru Boteju

මොහොතක් විය

මොහොතක් විය
ආදරයෙන් විඳින්නට

මඳක් පසෙකලා

තවත් එකක් නොව

සදා රැඳෙන…

මොහොතක් කරා

රුසිරු බොතේජු

Making me strong

God of glory – God of mercy
Give me faith – to see the world
I’m clouded – within the darkness
Please help me – to see the world

When I tried to walk – you helped me
When I tried to talk – you taught me
To be strong – to be helpful
Help me God – to see the world

When I’m alone – in the darkness
When i feel alone – when it is crowded
You helped me – to see the world
Thank you God – for making me strong

When troubles come – I need you
When I feel alone – I need you
Help me God – to be strong
Help me God – to feel the pain

When it’s time – of depature
When everything says – says good bye
You were with me – making me strong
Thank you God – for making me strong

Rusiru Boteju