Down, and further down
Goes the rabbit hole
There is a story
Alice never told
She wandered off the road
A creature chasing her
Go away! Don’t follow
Nothing’s ever over …
This path is dark
You might need a light
Dangers might lurk
With creatures alike
Something came towards her
Cold gloomy night
No one to help her
Walk with all your might …
These walls are shiny
It is a marbled road
Ceiling is spiky
Those crystals getting old
She began to turn around
Cold wind passed by
Finally saw the face
Oh! angel divine …
She wore a silky dress
Beautiful than a bride
No flowers in her hand
But, a might scythe
A whisper in her ear
Lovely voice it was
Do you know anyone here?
Sinister tone it was …
Was dazed by the voice
Thinking weather to stay
Oh lets rejoice
Throw your worries away
A party nevertheless
No sorrows no pain
The bliss of emptiness
A spike through your brain …
Alice stood by
As brave never before
World full of lies
A friend neither foe
No Cats, Rabbits to help
To mend a broken hope
The ceiling closing in
Spikes to let loose …
She crawled through gap
Hoping this would end
Suddenly heard a clap
She broke through the door
Queen of hearts waiting
Demons circle the sky
Nightmare will be ending
As Life flashes by …
She crept through the hollow
Finally broke free
Heartache too much to swallow
Rabbit where are thee
Nostalgia is to wallow
Let the memory be
Soldiers started to follow
Tale continues. oh glee!

Rusiru Boteju