The Reaper

She came to me
In my dreams
Whispering those
Foul screams
An omen
Of haunted souls
Behind those
Bloody dark walls…
She told me
“I’m not death
But life
Of far beyond death
It’s the truth nobody wants…”
She was dressed
In a shimmering white gown
A hooded long veil
Covering her frown
Her soothing voice
Mesmerizing my soul
The glee, the suffering
My heart crawls…
In the darkness
That creature lures
Devouring corpse
Of wretched souls
She called it
As if it is a pet
A scythe
Just above her head…
She whispered
Slowly to my ear
My darling
“There is nothing to fear”
Swoosh no pain or tear

Rusiru Boteju


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