The end of days

A man is looking
At the end of days
The creature that comes
From heaven we praise
Oh Lord we worship
High above the sky
A little we know
And it’s all a lie

A seven headed creature
A unicorn like horn
Just have four feet
All covered with thorn
The wheels are turning
Opening to its lair
Not a single soul burning
Covering all with fire

It stood up and walked
With a trail of slime
The man was colorblind
Alienating his mind
A creature from the myths
Fire blowing from its arse
Red eyes and red skin
Glowing like mars

Hears a sound from above
Louder than thunder
A language already dead
A magnificent blunder
People started to gather
Whispering its name
Fire started to grow
Now who to blame

Seven heads are moving
Increasing trumpets voice
Earth’s crust crumbles
With a deafening noise
Large creatures crept out
From the crumbled crust
Wind started to blow
As everything turned to dust

Rusiru Boteju