The day starts with an ending
Where the two headed beast sleeps
The heads are facing each other
Reminds a hourly shape

Drums are too loud its a whisper
For a believer thats what he gets
Is just today or forever
It screams, sweet agony of pain

The beast’s head is moving
The eyes are still a sleep
Can hear the drums that whisper
Moves again to the beat

The beat started to rise
Beast shivers with pain
The screams of agony are louder
It’s eyes are now awake

Sparkling flames and agony
In eyes the screams of death
Midst screams it tore apart
Facing peace by death

Rusiru Boteju


5 thoughts on “Beast

  1. අනෙ මන්ද අද ඔලුවට එන්නෙම නැ.. හෙට ආයි බලමු… ටිකක් බොන්න ඔනෙ වගෙ

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