This is good bye

Woke up this morning hoping for a new day
Living the life no one knows my way
Tell me where we went wrong, again
Headed for the cold looking for a new day
Never realized it was such a good time
Spent these years of my life for something
I am lost tonight

These iron bars felt like a prison
Staring at paradise couldn’t wait to live in
Another nightmare haunts me, again
Not a paradise just like the movies
Fighting all the way pressing some new keys
Don’t know how long can I keep, holding
I am lost tonight

This is the end we talked about
This is life can’t live without
When the memories flashes by
I wish I could go back now
When these dreams are on our own
Never want nightmares haunt us all
Look at the sky and wish for all
This is good bye

Rusiru Boteju


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