Good bye

There was a place once I loved to be
It’s a place where my life could be
Though its old as my age could be
Still remember those days closer to me

Life near a river as difficult it may
Childhood wonderland stories to say
When I was an infant mom used to say
Stay sweeter memories I’m going to pray

Turning back again to good old days
Used to ride a bike we had our own ways
Playing with the guys I miss those days
Singing in the Choir I love that place

Time passes by sometimes its bliss
Not when stories to say places to miss
Love that smell when I’m closer to this
Good bye to all with a flying kiss

Rusiru Boteju


4 thoughts on “Good bye

  1. oh i miss my old place too…the house u grew for 20/22 years will always b ur home..i still dnt feel like the new place is HOME..i knw wot u mean!hmmm

  2. its sad but really touching 🙂
    u dont have to say goodbye to them. memories are things that make life more meaningful 🙂

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