What I want for Christmas

All the memories passes by
Leaving no space to say good bye
To see a smile without a sigh
Waiting for a moment be alive

Is there a way to preserve a moment
To say in a sad voice that i knew it
Not to feel depressed from that moment
And to look ahead to live in the moment

Used to long walks with a joy in mind
Comfort of breeze which felt so kind
When i see them now pondered a while
Neither joy nor comfort in my mind

Wrapped in wilderness and deserted thoughts
Trapped in my mind with endless hopes
Want to break out the bars of cold
To feel the warmth of hope

Christmas is here its the dawn of winter
Jingling bells makes the sound of wonder
Was lost with life and glimpse of hope
What i want for Christmas is a place called home

Rusiru Boteju


2 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas

  1. hang on to the memories dear to you nvr let them go..hang on to your hopes coz they will be true one day…i wish all your dreams will come true. you deserve it!!:D:D:D

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