I’m here I’m alive
Can you see me
A man was born to see
To see the light of life
Filled with flesh and blood
Be seen by his own kind,
The drama to be said
The story of my life
Hello I’m alive,
I eat, I breath, I feel,
Can anyone please talk
Have you all gone blind
You do walk pass me
Feeling nothingness in your eyes
Went in-front of a mirror
Want to see with my own eyes
Can see nothing has changed
People do walk
Cars do move
But noticed a difference
Which is really odd
There is no one behind
No reflection of mine
Am I going blind?
Am I going insane?
I stopped to think for a while
Can remember the other mans eyes
I dunno what to believe
Am I dead?
Or am I alive?

Rusiru Boteju


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