I just looked out of the window
When my mom scold me
The world just grow bigger
I just couldn’t take in
There was fires on my head though
It’s the hell where I live
But my memories never get there
Now I just want to live

The fires never got there
Where my soul want to burn
I just live behind my shadow
The safest place on earth
The memories last for ever
Where my shadow lives alive
Am I still in the darkness
Can you take me out at there

The fire just grow bigger
My home is about to burn
My hopes are burning with it
But yet it’s a lot to burn
I still live behind my shadow
My body never stands alone
There is no life in it
Am I going to hell

Rusiru Boteju


2 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Hell is the birthplace of fire. Fire and the Sun is the birth place of light. When there is Light(sun or fire) there is A SHADOW!! see i told ya 😀

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