Take my hand

Wishing what my heart would tell me
Dreaming what’s behind those cloudy eyes
Hope it’ll be real for a moment
Take my hand walk with me tonight

The clouds are getting so much higher
The wondrous breeze never gets by
So much about this love I want to tell you
Take my hand walk with me tonight

I’m drowning in the deep misty ocean
Fighting till my heart beat keeps alive
Remembered every single word you told me
Take my hand and save me tonight

Rusiru Boteju



I just looked out of the window
When my mom scold me
The world just grow bigger
I just couldn’t take in
There was fires on my head though
It’s the hell where I live
But my memories never get there
Now I just want to live

The fires never got there
Where my soul want to burn
I just live behind my shadow
The safest place on earth
The memories last for ever
Where my shadow lives alive
Am I still in the darkness
Can you take me out at there

The fire just grow bigger
My home is about to burn
My hopes are burning with it
But yet it’s a lot to burn
I still live behind my shadow
My body never stands alone
There is no life in it
Am I going to hell

Rusiru Boteju

What I feel

I want to believe – The end is very near
For my life to breathe -The breathtaking year
I feel too bad – For everything I miss
Will I feel glory? – Coz ignorance is bliss

Life is not brutal – But for men believe
That comfortable loneliness – Soothes my mind
Brutality of life – Is not just a word
Even soothing can come – From a brutal world

Desperate to laugh – In the haunted grounds
No one is alive – Only cats and mice
Old rotten tombs – Crying out loud
Will there be a laugh – In this rotten ground

Rusiru Boteju

To make a change

from the world belongs – we walked away
to feel the stars – enlight our way
it’s not the world – we used to live
it’s changed a lot – from what we’ve seen

make your way – to see the stars
don’t confuse – with movie stars
coz they will come – and fade away
but stars’ll be there – till end of the day

when you wake up – with brand new life
remember the life – you have lived
without the tears – without the fears
make a change – to feel alive

and again make a change

if you are alive – paise the lord
for the days you got – not making you stop
it’s the day – the brand new day
be alive – to make a change

Rusiru Boteju